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Scottish Gaelic - English / English - Scottish Gaelic dictionary
Paperback / 162 bladzijden / uitgave 2007
taal (talen) : engels
ISBN : 0781803160
EAN : 9780781803168
afmetingen : 153 (h) x 101 (b) x 12 (dk) mm
gewicht : 110 gram
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• Quick reference
• 8,500 modern, up-to-date entries
• English-Gaelic section is expanded to facilitate conversations and composition
• For students and travelers
• List of abbreviations and appendix of irregular verbs
• Grammar guide

As proper usage of the definite article (“the”) is often a hurdle for the learner, the article is provided in this dictionary in italics with each noun in order to reinforce grammar rules and to assist recall.

Scottish Gaelic is the language of a hearty, traditional people, over 75,000 strong. This dictionary provides the learner or traveler with a basic, modern vocabulary and the means to communicate in a quick fashion.
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