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The Battle of the Bulge
Paperback / 712 bladzijden / uitgave 1984
taal (talen) : engels
uitgever : Phoenix Press
ISBN : 1842122614
EAN : 9781842122617
afmetingen : 232 (h) x 155 (b) x 47 (dk) mm
gewicht : 1075 gram
zeer goede staat
3,95 EUR
referentie : 1007157
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On 16 December 1944, Hitler made his last attempt to stem the Allied advance. Out of the lists and the snows of the Ardennes, 250,000 German troops attacked the Allies, taking them by complete surprise.

The Battle of the Bulge was fought over the succeeding eleven days, involving more than a million men. It was the result of the most abysmal failure of battlefield intelligence in the history of the U.S. army.

Very few books of military history present such a vivid and realistic picture of the confusion of the battlefield. In his masterly account, MacDonald achieves a perfect balance between detail and the overall picture.

Written from firsthand experience, his book is as valuable to the historian as it is to students of war and to anybody eager to know how it felt in one of the Second World War's most bitter conflicts.

'Turn to MacDonald, who was there, for the feel and the surge of the battle.' Daily Telegraph

'There is unlikely to be another such vivid and thorough account' Observer
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